Delivering marine products, such as dried scallop (adductors),
konbu (dried sea kelp),
dried abalone and dried sea cucumber,
to domestic and overseas clients

Trusted Hokkaido seafood
adored around the world

Gyoren Hokko is a seafood sales company wholly owned by the Hokkaido Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Associations (Hokkaido Gyoren).

Gyoren Hokko is a wholesaler of top-quality fishery products. Our parent company is “Hokkaido Gyoren”. And we use our connection to Hokkaido Gyoren to provide our domestic and overseas clients with a stable supply of seafood products.

Gyoren Hokko Recommendations

Products Raw materials lineup
[Dried Scallop, Konbu (sea kelp), Dried Abalone and Dried Sea Cucumber]

Dried Scallops

Dried Scallops

At Gyoren Hokko, we use large four-year old scallops harvested from the coastal region of the Okhotsk Sea, slowly and carefully drying them to create large scallops, nugget-like pieces with a golden luster and sleek dried surfaces as well as a rich sweetness and aroma.

Konbu (sea kelp)

Konbu (sea kelp)

Some 90% of konbu used in Japan comes from Hokkaido, where top-quality konbu is produced. At Gyoren Hokko, we are proud of our diverse stock of konbu, handling various types from across every part of Hokkaido.

Dried Abalone / Dried Sea Cucumber

Dried Abalone / Dried Sea Cucumber

Gyoren Hokko’s dried abalones are adored overseas under the Emperor (皇冠牌).brand. Moreover, we use the choicest sea cucumbers from Esashi in Hokkaido to win the esteem of consumers.


  • Q.A whitish powder seems to have covered the surfaces of the scallops. Can they still be eaten?

    A.White powdering is due to amino acid and salt ejected out from inside the scallops. This powdering is harmless. However, there are white molds that look similar, so check carefully before eating.

  • Q.The color of scallops has darkened (blackened). Can they still be eaten?

    A.This is browning. The scallops are still edible, but the characteristic smell of dried shellfish may have increased, so soak them in water and then cook them in a meal to enjoy their wonderful flavor.

  • Q.Please tell me how to get a stock (dashi) from konbu?

    A.There are three kinds of stock: “cold-water dashi”, “hot-water dashi” and “1st-boiling dashi”. All three are easy, so please give them a go!

    [Click here to find out about konbu stock preparations]
  • Q.Can products beyond the “best before date” still be eaten?

    A.The “best before date” denotes the period in which the product tastes good when eaten, it does not mean that food should not be eaten. However, under usual home storage conditions, maintaining products at their best is difficult, so it is probably best not to eat products beyond the “best before date”.

  • Q.Please tell me how best to store dried seafood products.

    A.Please keep dried marine products out of direct sunlight and high temperatures/humidity. And, while it is okay to store them at room temperature, we recommend refrigeration for long-term storage.

  • Q.Is it possible to purchase products from you directly?

    A.We recommend that you use our online shop to make direct purchases.

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