Features of Gyoren Hokko

A big feature of Gyoren Hokko is that we are a wholesaler that sells high-quality domestic dried seafood products (headed by scallops and konbu) and Hokkaido seafood (headed by frozen scallops) to both domestic and overseas clients and consumers.

About usAbout Gyoren Hokko

We are a marine product sales company wholly owned by Hokkaido Gyoren (Hokkaido Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Associations), an association of fishery cooperatives in Hokkaido.
Hokkaido has the longest shoreline in Japan and, therefore, rich seas at its disposal, with one-fourth of the domestic seafood catch, making it a major fish industry spot.
In cooperation with Hokkaido Gyoren, we sell top-quality marine products both domestically and internationally, with the hope that the people of the world will get to enjoy our produce.

Hokkaido Gyoren

Thanks to the cooperation from Hokkaido Gyoren,
we are able to maintain a stable supply of products.

We deliver the ocean’s bounty to dining table all across Japan

As we are a group company of Hokkaido Gyoren, we are capable of stably procuring seafood products by making the most of the fishery network run by Hokkaido Gyoren, which means we can supply products (mainly scallops and konbu) to all of Japan, from Hokkaido through Kyushu and down to Okinawa.

Exporting to overseas markets where quality is the stamp of approval

Thanks to the recognition of quality in overseas markets, we have long exported our seafood products (Hokkaido scallops, konbu and sea cucumbers as well as Iwate abalones) to regions in Asia, such as Hong Kong and Taiwan.

  • 北海道ぎょれんとの連携が安定した供給能力を可能にします
  • 北海道ぎょれんとの連携が安定した供給能力を可能にします

Why our products are chosenThere are reasons why domestic and overseas consumers select Gyoren Hokko.

The Hokkaido Gyoren brand assures quality

At Hokkaido Gyoren, our hygiene policy is such that we keep production facilities spotlessly clean to enable clients to stock our marine products in confidence that comes with the high quality to be expected from Hokkaido. Furthermore, at our food plant that processes seafood, we conduct regular inspections based on our own unique standards, to ensure that quality is strictly controlled.

Only trusted genuine products

All of the products we handle are trusted genuine ones. Our dried sea cucumbers and dried abalones come with purchase certificates issued by the producing area fishery cooperative and prefectural fisheries federation in question to prove that they are not poached produce. Moreover, for production processes too, we keep tight control of hygiene and quality to standards suitable to the Hokkaido Gyoren brand. In particular, we undertake especially stiff product screening and quality control for our Emperor (皇冠牌) brand, our flagship across the globe.


The excellent processing techniques and consummate production setup that underpin the Hokkaido Gyoren and Gyoren Hokko brand

The steadfast quality of dried scallops, konbu and dried abalones under the Emperor (皇冠牌) brand and dried sea cucumbers and other products of the Gyoren Hokko brand come from not just the excellence of the original seafoods but also the superb processing techniques used to turn them into brand products. Besides the three plants run in Hokkaido and other places by the Hokkaido Gyoren Group, we also have an affiliated plant to ensure a consummate production setup. And, it is because we are backed with this kind of production capability that consumers see the Gyoren Hokko brand in domestic supermarkets and on online shopping sites. Furthermore, at our Osaka headquarters, we have a packing facility registered as an export food facility authorized to export to China, which means our products are formally approved for sale to China.

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